Shannon Peacock

Newcastle & Sunderland


Shannon Peacock



My story is quite a long one but I will try to to focus on my hair loss. It was this time roughly around 8 years ago that I realised my hair was getting very delicate and fine especially around my hair line. At the time I was still in secondary school and going through a very stressful situation at home due to unfortunate family circumstances. It was my Nan that really took me under her wing and helped me get the professional help I needed. I got referred to dermatology through my GP where I was told there was nothing they could do due to the stressful situation still being ongoing at the time so they prescribed me two free wigs a year which I still receive to this day. I totally removed myself from all the negativity in my life, separating myself from a lot of my family and now it is just a waiting game for my hair to come back through. It has took a lot of hard work to get myself to the good place I am in at the moment and I would really love to know I had helped even one person who felt the way I did. I have gone from a depressed recluse of a girl due to the way alopecia made me feel to the strong confident woman I am today and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. Through my whole story my Nan played the biggest part of restoring my confidence and helping me realise that alopecia is just an illness and not a way of life. I have overcame many obstacles and bullies due to my illness but I am still here and it all just made me that much stronger.