Shannon Holme

Newcastle & Sunderland


Shannon Holme



The first time it was seen that I had bald patches was when I 9 years old my mum went to do my hair and noticed a patch at the back of my head, with in 6 months I had lost roughly 40% of the hair on my head. By the time I was just about to start secondary school I didn’t have a single strand of hair I lost everything from eye lashes, eyebrows, arm hair etc and was told there would be no further treat due to trying all that could be done. I struggled for the first few years of secondary school with bullies and people not having an understanding of what alopecia was and realistically school is a tough place anyways. After school I decided to join the army again I was told to prepare for comments and on my first ever test I was told remove my bandana and introduce myself and I managed it. I went on to do 6 years in the army and learned to have a very tough skin and confidence. Now I have my daughter and there is a small chance she could inherit it and I don’t want her to have to go through the cruel comments and years I went through.