Sarah Fae Knapper 

Newcastle & Sunderland


Sarah Fae Knapper 



My hair started to fall out at the age of 16 after recovering from anorexia. Sunderland Royal said it was a mixture of Androgentic Alopecia and Telogen Effluvium (shock) and that it would progress as I matured. 

I went public in 2007 with my hair loss through my profile as a radio presenter on Sun Fm. I ran a monthly support group for girls and women with alopecia and championed empowerment through awareness. I have worn hair extensions, weaves, wigs, clip ins etc and have managed it in a million different ways on a thousand different days. I am now a yoga teacher and teach without anything on my head. I currently have it shaved and sometimes cover up wigs (its cold!). 

I’ve now had hair loss longer than I’ve had hair so I’ve had my whole adult life to accept, adapt and adjust. I am playful in how I express myself and grateful that I can afford the luxury of choice. 
I am extremely interested in the subject of ethical human hair and the black market trade (especially relaying to human trafficking). My hope in the future is to bring it to mainstream awareness and educate about the sad reality of how human hair extensions get on the market. 

I would love to be a champion of your new wigs!