Kay Fisher

Newcastle & Sunderland


Kay Fisher



I was only 9years old when my sister noticed a bald patch at the back of my head as she was putting a French plait in my hair for school. We both laughed it off as I wasn’t really that bothered about it as I didn’t know what was happening and my sister just put me at ease telling me it was because I was getting old like her. I was bullied in primary school because of my condition and I ended up been home tutored as I couldn’t face the bullies everyday at such a young age. Time went on after seeing the GP numerous times and given many different ointments to rub into my bald patches, aswel as steroid tablets to try and help stimulate hair growth nothing seemed to work as this point it was nearly all gone on my head. I was referred to consultants at the hospital and given all treatment they have available from, tablets given to me for those who had organ transplants as one of the main best side effects of them was hair growth, but meant I had weekly blood tests to make sure the tablets weren’t failing my organs, they didn’t have any effect on me. I’ve had steroid injections directly into my scalp for around 5year as this did seem effective but once one patch was growing again another patch started to fall out, I’ve had liquid painted onto my head weekly at Durham hospital as they first had to make me allergic to it before it was cause a reaction for the hair follicles to try and attack it, to uv light treatment but again with these there was so many precautions you couldn’t do straight after they were given to you… I also lost my eyebrows about 6yr ago, but now I don’t have any form of treatment, if it grows it grows if it doesn’t then it’s not going to affect my life like it did when I was younger as I’m wiser and it’s something that comes with me and is part of my package, I’m still the same person, and I’ve learnt that i won’t ever let it beat me.