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About The Show

Our Woman Warrior Catwalk is our first event of many! Prior to this event, all our ladies met each other for the first time which was the most magnificent experience. All of the ladies suffering with hair loss had no one else to turn to, as they didn’t know anyone else going through the same thing as them; however, at the meeting, this was the perfect opportunity for everyone to come together and share their journeys with one another. It was so emotional listening to everyone’s experiences and hearing the ladies say that meeting the other women had empowered them to go ahead and do the Catwalk!

We are raising the profile of women currently suffering with hair loss. These women are facing a battle every single day and in our opinion there is no help out there. Our aim is to raise awareness of Alopecia/ hair loss sufferers in the North East and intend to branch out to the whole of the UK & outside (eventually). We feel that Alopecia and hair loss isn’t spoken about enough. We want to give women, men and children their confidence back and help them to go out in public and approach their hair loss with a positive attitude.

We are ALL about empowering women to be their boldest and most beautiful inside and out.

Their Story

Our fabulous women are all suffering from hair loss & are all so diverse – ranging from just 11 years old up to 74 years young! They will be walking the Catwalk and telling you their story.

We believe in making the most of every given opportunity and we are giving these women a platform to not only help themselves but to also help others. 


We will welcome you on the Red Carpet with a glass of fizz and canapes. We have Scott-Spock Team covering the night to capture some fabulous moments, as well as The Chronicle, various magazines, LIVE band and DJ. We have many prizes on the night, our biggest being a holiday to Viva Las Vegas!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide each of our ladies with an amazing life experience and the opportunity to meet life long friends. 

This world may have taken their hair but it certainly hasn’t taken their spirit!!!!!!!

Panache Group

Panache group aim to raise awareness, support and empower women, men and children who suffer with hair loss.

We strive to give these Warriors their confidence back by bringing them all together and sharing their journeys with one another.

We want men, women, and children to know that bald is beautiful too, and that you’re 100% not alone on this journey, we are here for you.

Here at panache, we aim to bring the hair loss community together. We will be running wig workshops, makeup tutorials, health and fitness classes, cookery lessons, ceramic decoration, sewing sessions, social media training and other fun and useful activities.

Our vision is to create a hub for the hair loss community to feel comfortable, supported, find friendship and no longer feel isolated. We will also have counsellors on board.

Here are our amazing businesses that will be sponsoring our Woman Warriors.

Our Sponsors

Our Women Warriors

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